News Of The Day – February 17th

Nigerian Boys Kidnapped

Officials say gunmen raided a boarding school in north-central Nigeria, abducting an unknown number of students, staff and their families. About 600 boys were asleep in their dormitories when the school in Kagara town in Niger state was raided. The motive for the attack is unclear, but criminal gangs often carry out kidnappings for ransom in parts of Nigeria, says the BBc’s Ishaq Khalid in the capital Abuja. Read more about the abduction here.


Representative Eric Swalwell Says God is A Woman

While speaking on Democrats’ decision to not subpoena witnesses, Democratic Representative, Eric Swalwell said Republicans would have acquitted Trump even if ‘God herself’ had been called. Yet according to, Jesus refers to God as “Father” more than 165 times. Swalwell made the comment in an interview with Nicole Wallace of MSNBC after Trump was acquitted for the second time. Read more about his remark here.


Christian Singer Carman Licciardello Passes Away

Christian and Gospel Music singer, Carman Dominic Licciardello died on Tuesday at a Las Vegas hospital, from complications after surgery to repair a hiatal hernia. Carmen was known to many as an icon of the Christian music genre and a GMA Hall of Famer. He received many honors including the House of Hope of Humanitarian Award, Billboard’s “Contemporary Christian Artist of the Year” in 1992 and 1995, and he holds the world record for having the largest audience to see a single Christian artist. The singer was 65 when he passed. Read more of his career here.


Man reunited With Dog After Explosion

A Baltimore man was reunited with his beloved pet dog Barak after nearly four months of separation. Back in October, an explosion in the city left the man’s home in ruins and he suffered life-threatening burns that left him hospitalized and in a coma for months. The dog had been staying at a local shelter which promised to keep taking care of Barak until his owner could find a home for both of them. Read more about the tearful reunion here.






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