News Of The Day – July 29th

Pastor Max Lucado Tests Positive For Covid-19

Despite being vaccinated, America’s Pastor and best-selling Christian author Max Lucado has revealed that he has tested positive for Covid. Lucado posted a tweet over the weekend, showing a photo of his positive COVID-19 test and saying he would not be preaching on Sunday at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas. He said, “Groan. Covid found me. Tested positive yesterday. Turns out it’s me in a downstairs room with aches, stuffy head and quarantine.” Still Lucado feels that he would be feeling much worse if not for the vaccine. Read more about the Pastor’s condition here.


Michigan Farmers Sue Over Ban Because Of Biblical View Of Marriage

The trial of a lawsuit between Country Mill Farms owner Steve Tennes, who sued East Lansing after being denied a vendor’s license for the city’s farmers market, will begin Tuesday. Tennes filed the lawsuit after they were reportedly banned from a local farmers market in 2016 because of their biblical viewpoint on marriage. In 2019, East Lansing City officials said the decision to deny Tennes a vendor license stemmed from a December 2016 Facebook post that detailed Tennes’ decision not to hold same-sex weddings at the Charlotte orchard. Read more about the lawsuit here.


Former Strip Club Turned Into A Church

Proving all things are possible with God, a popular strip club that once beckoned customers off a busy highway leading into Anchorage is now a church offering salvation instead of temptation. And it’s all  thanks to a daughter of a former exotic dancer Linda Dunegan. Dunegan believes divine intervention played a hand in transforming the building that housed Fantasies on 5th into the start-up Open Door Baptist Church, turning the show floor into a sanctuary and trading the dancer’s pole with a pulpit. Read more about the transformation here.


2021’s Perseid Meteor Shower Called Best Of The Year

The Perseid Meteor Shower is happening now, and will continue to fill the night sky with streaks of light and color until August 24. Known as the “best meteor shower of the year” by NASA because of its fast, bright and plentiful meteors that can be easily viewed outside during the warm summer months, the shower is not one to be missed. It will peak around August 12, where up to 100 meteors an hour can be caught shooting across the sky at 37 miles per second, leaving long streaks in their wake. Read more about this nighttime phenomenon here. 




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