News Of The Day – August 26th

Glen beck Raises $30 Million To Rescue Afghan Christians

Popular Syndicated radio host Glenn Beck raised $30 million in less than a week for the Nazarene Fund, which works to rescue Christians and other religious minorities from persecution and slavery in the Middle East and around the world. As the Taliban retook control of Afghanistan last week, Beck urged listeners to “give until it hurts” to rescue some 5,000 Christians, mainly women and children, trapped in the country. “Keep your prayers coming,” Beck said. “Keep your thoughts, contributions moving. It’s working.” Learn where you can donate here.


More Evangelicals Are getting Vaccinated 

An August poll by NBC News shows that 59 percent of white evangelicals say they already have received the vaccine. A poll conducted in June by Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) and the Interfaith Youth Core showed that 56 percent of white evangelicals either had received the vaccine or planned on getting it. In March, 45 percent of white evangelicals in a PRRI poll answered that way. Together, the polls suggest that white evangelicals are gradually embracing the vaccine as the Delta variant spreads across the United States. Read about the poll here.


Chinese Authorities Are Offer Cash To Citizens To Spy On Christian Neighbors

In the latest persecutions of Christians in China, a new reward system is being used in as a way to crack down on Christians who engage in “illegal religious activities.” Earlier this month, the Meilisi Daur District in Heilongjiang Province’s Qiqihar city released “The Reward System For Reporting Illegal Religious Activities Offenses,” saying informants could be eligible to receive 1,000 yuan ($150). This is just the latest step taken by the Chinese Communist Party in an effort to assure that all its citizens comply with the edicts and beliefs of the state. Read more about the persecution here.


The U.S. EPA Banning Pesticide Harmful To Children

The Biden administration announced on Wednesday that it is banning a common pesticide, widely used since 1965 on fruits and vegetables, from use on food crops because it has been linked to neurological damage in children. The EPA said it would publish a regulation to block the use of chlorpyrifos on food. Environmental organizations, health advocates and groups representing farm workers have long sought to stop the use of the chlorpyrifos, after studies showed exposure to the pesticide was linked to lower birth weights, reduced I.Q.s and other developmental problems in children. Read more about the pesticide here.




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