August 31st – Hebrews 11:25

Hebrews 11:25

Would you willingly leave a life of comfort and ease for one one of suffering and certain death? Silly question right? Yet that’s exactly what Moses did and he’s in great company. Because our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, did the same. Living a privileged life in Pharaoh’s house, Moses had it all. Yet he walked away to serve God and His people, fulling knowing the suffering he would endure. Moses purposely choose the everlasting joy of serving God than the fleeting pleasure of a life of sin. Not to say that it was easy. Moses faced persecution, suffering, and death, time and time again. But he knew the heavenly reward waiting for him would surpass anything this life can offer. Jesus did the same. King and Creator of all, the Lord left His throne of majesty to come to earth to die a criminal’s death to offer us life. Both of them chose God over the riches of the world, and so should we.

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