March 31st – Luke 6:12

Luke 6:12

Jesus was a very real person like you and me, experiencing every temptation that we too face in our lives. And just as Jesus often went off by Himself to pray to the Father, so should we. Praying as Colossians 4:2 tells us, with an attitude of thanksgiving. Many times Jesus left the disciplines to be alone in secret with God. Because spending one on one time with the Father was vital. And it’s just as vital for us. Because prayer is a powerful weapon against the Enemy, we should be praying often throughout our day. Always looking for opportunities to pray and to be bold in those prayers. Pray according to His will and it will be done. And remember, that sometimes our prayer requests are a long time in coming but don’t give up. Because in His perfect timing, God will answer!

Blessings, Lyn

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