April 14th – 1 Peter 2:24-25

1 Peter 2:24-25

With each strike of the whip, the flesh of Jesus was savagely ripped open. Bruised, bloody, and beaten beyond recognition, the suffering Christ endured was beyond compare. Only to be followed by an agonizing, criminal’s death on the Cross. And Jesus suffered all of this for us. He willingly took our flogging, beating, and death. He bore our sins and paid our debt, so we could be free. Because of the Lord’s shed blood, no longer are we condemned, dead in our trespasses, and trapped in the bondage of sin. By His wounds we have been healed from the penalty, poison, and price of sin. Because with every stripe our Savior endured, He paid in full every sin we have or will commit. Through His glorious death and resurrection, we are free to live a righteous life that glorifies Christ and His amazing sacrifice!

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