April 26th – Luke 23:32-43

Luke 23: 32-43

Luke tells us as Jesus hung on the Cross, He wasn’t alone. Because two other men, each a criminal, hung on either side of Him. Have you ever wondered why there were three crosses that fateful day and the significance of each? The answer is redemption, repentance, and rejection. The cross which bore our Savior is one of redemption. Jesus our Redeemer died for the sins of the world. And with His blood we are reconciled with the Father. The other two crosses, the thieves which hung to His left and right, represent the choice we must make.

On one side of Christ was a thief hurling insults at Him, taunting the Lord to save them if He could. His is the cross of rejection. He didn’t receive Jesus as His Savior, nor was he sorry for all he had done. Instead he was simply searching for a way out of his predicament. On the other side was a man whose cross represents one of repentance. In faith and reverence he requests, “Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.” Christ’s answer? “Assuredly, I say to you today you will be with Me in Paradise.” So which cross will you choose? Eternal separation from God, or paradise with Jesus?




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