June 18th – John 14:26

John 14:26

Our Father knows all too well how frail we are. He understands that there is no way we can do what He asks of us on our own. And so He sent a Helper in the form of His Holy Spirit. God’s Spirit not only gives us the strength to do all the Lord commands, but from the moment He indwells in us He gets to work. What is His work? To change us from the inside out into the likeness of Jesus. The Holy Spirit  is God with us in all things. He convicts us of our sins, and assures us of God’s forgiveness. His help is essential in leading lives that are pleasing to our Father. And most wonderful of all, He puts upon us a seal for the day of redemption.(Eph. 4:30).  That means not only is the Spirit sent to help, comfort, and guide us, He is also God’s seal on us marking us as God’s very own!

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