August 2nd – 2 Samuel 9:3

2 Samuel 9:3

After waiting over 15 years to become king, David finally had it all. The power, the riches, and the kingdom. And you’d think he’d spend his time basking in his own glory. Yet instead, one of his first concerns was showing kindness to the heirs of his enemy. In reality, David owed Saul nothing. And who would blame him for wanting revenge after all Saul put David through? Besides, no one would know any different. Because the only living heir was a cripple boy named Mephibosheth. He was the son of David’s best friend Jonathan, whose existence had  been hidden from the world. But even if no one else ever knew of David’s actions, God would. And so out of the kindness shown to him by the Lord and his love for Jonathon, David restored to Mephibosheth Saul’s riches and a gave him a place of honor at David’s table. Nothing is hidden from the Lord. And being kind for the benefit of His eyes alone is the sweetest kindness of all.

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