August 28th – Luke 6:16

Luke 6:16

Judas was a man who stole from the poor, betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, and ultimately hung himself in the potter’s field. But before we’re quick to condemn, we need to examine our own hearts. And look for any traces that might reveal Judas in us. Things like sitting in church every Sunday and declaring Jesus as Lord with our lips, but not our hearts. Or remembering God only when we need something from Him. And calling Him King merely as a way to achieve our own throne and glory. Judas repaid the kindness of Jesus with treachery. And he only regretted his actions because of the consequences they brought. Not because of the deep pain they cause the Lord. As Christians, bursting with gratitude for Jesus’ sacrifice, our hearts should grieve when we cause Him to grieve. And work hand in hand with the Holy Spirit to remove any thing in our lives that is a betrayal to the One who gave His life to save ours.

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