News Of The Day – September 14th

Former NFL Coach Tony Dungy Defends The Unborn

Former NFL coach turned sports announcer, Tony Dungy is a well known Christian. Last week he took to Twitter to question President Biden’s position on abortion, arguing the Bible clearly sides with the unborn. Dungy’s tweet was sparked by a New York Post story that said Biden had changed his position and no longer believes life begins at conception. Biden, who is Catholic, previously said he accepted the church’s teaching on the issue. Dungy, like many are confused by Biden’s sudden turn around, and ignoring of church doctrine. Read more of Dungy’s tweets here.


“Let Us Worship” Draws Thousand To National Mall In D.C. 

Evangelical Christian musician and activist Sean Feucht held a two-day concert event in the nation’s capital over the weekend, which featured an address from former president Donald Trump. The concert was part of his ongoing “Let Us Worship” tour. The series of performances, which began last year is a protest against pandemic restrictions on churches. Feucht and his team led prayer at the U.S. Supreme Court, the Lincoln Memorial and White House with the goal of filling the nation’s capital with worship and prayer. The D.C. event kicked off 21 days of prayer for the nation. Read more about the concert here.


Christian singer Victory Boyd, who has openly shared her refusal to take the COVID-19 vaccine due to her faith, said she could not perform the national anthem at an NFL game last week because of a COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Boyd said she is in prayer to make sure that the Lord guides her into the right decision about the vaccine. “If I want to take the vaccine, the decision will be between myself, my doctor, and my God. At this point, the Spirit of God is leading me to take a stand for freedom of choice.” Read more about the singer and her decision here.
Giant Sunflower Field Planted To Read The Word Hope
A Scots farmer has created an optimistic message of hope the size of nearly four football fields to try and raise a little smile from visitors as well as raising much-needed funds for charity. The incredible ‘Field of Hope’ maze was created by Claire Pollock at her Ardross Farm in Fife, with the word ‘Hope’ cut into a huge field of striking yellow sunflowers. A project inspired by Church of Scotland minister Douglas Creighton with Claire, who runs the farm with her mother Fiona and older sisters. The goal was to give people a sense of hope for the future. The field consists of over 100,000 sunflowers. Read about this inspirational project here.

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