November 27th – John 10:11

John 10:11

The term “sheep” is the current insult of the day. It’s used to describe people who blindly follow the crowd without doing any critical thinking of their own. But for me, I see being called a sheep as a badge of honor. For I follow the Good Shepherd. And He will never lead me astray. It is said the reason people are followers, is because our hearts are created to long for connection. Connection with each other, but most importantly, connection with God. And as our Good Shepherd, the Lord cares about every member of His flock, and wants a close, intimate relationship with each of us. So much so, that He laid down His life to save ours. And so with a heart overflowing with thankfulness, I will gladly follow my Shepherd, Savior, and Friend. For from His great love, He will never abandon nor forsake me, His lowly sheep. And His path leads to an eternity of love, peace, and righteousness.

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