February 23rd – 1 Peter 2:2-3

1 Peter 2:2-3

Like a newborn needs the life giving nourishment of a mother’s milk, Christians need the nourishment of the spiritual milk of God’s Word. Because God’s Word is living and life giving. And it is tailored to provide us with the spiritual comfort and nutrition that we need to grow and thrive. Just as breast milk changes to meet the needs of an infant, God tailors what we receive from the Bible to meet our spiritual needs. I can read through a passage of scripture that I’ve read countless times before and God may show me something completely new. Something that meets my current needs and broadens my understanding. Showing how He is working in my heart and life at that particular time. And it is the the sweetness of those experiences that makes me thirst for more.

Do you remember the popular ads for milk? The ones where various celebrities pose with milk mustaches proudly displayed and the caption “Got Milk?” This ad campaign started to emphasize the necessity of always having milk on hand. And the unfortunate struggles of running out. The evidence of their thirst quenching experience is proudly displayed above a beaming smile. I think that our time being nurtured by the milk of God’s Word should leave similar evidence for the world to see. They should see that something has been tasted and left our spirits satisfied with God’s goodness!




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