August 27th – Deuteronomy 9:7

Deuteronomy 9:7

I think about the story of the Israelites and find myself shaking my head. I wonder how a people, who had repeatedly seen the mighty hand of God caring for them every step of the way, could so easily turn away from Him and His love. Then I think about my own life. And how many times I too have seen His hand at work and still grumbled against Him. How many blessings have I missed out on? Because instead of walking in trust and obedience, I gave in to fear and rebellion. And how many days, weeks, and months I have wasted wandering in the wilderness? Thankfully, we serve a loving, kind, and forgiving God. Even after the people rejected Him, God cared for them as His precious children, meeting their every need. We too are His precious children, and with each step of our spiritual walk He cares for us. And no matter how far we may wander, He is always there ready to joyfully welcome us back.


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