April 30 – John 20:16

John 20:16

I love the imagery of Jesus as our Good Shepherd. And how each of us knows His voice when He calls our name. It was Mary’s name, spoken by the Lord, which opened her eyes to the truth. And upon seeing the truth, she fell at the feet of Jesus holding tightly and refusing to let go. For she wasn’t about to lose Him again! But gently Jesus rebuked Mary. Telling her not to cling to Him for He had not yet ascended to the Father. Not trying to be harsh, the Lord was teaching Mary, and us, that no longer would He be known by sight or by touch. But rather by faith. From them on, all who followed Christ were to rely on their trust and belief in Him and His teachings to guide their hearts and lives. Oh how wonderful it would to see Jesus in person. And one day we will. But until then we rely on our deep faith that He is who He says He is, His promises are true, and His love everlasting.

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